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Find ITT Help


Please click on the section you need help with for more information


Logging on: You must be a registered library user to use Find ITT. You only need to log on once in any one browser session to use any / all of the library's online services, except where you are submitting an ILL online. Please contact the library if you have any problems. Log on using:
  • your name as it is on your card
  • your student number including the X / your staff number - must be eight digits
  • and your SELF ASSIGNED PIN.
PIN help: You can assign yourself a pin the first time you log on your account at the library. You can also reset your PIN on this page. For more information about your PIN see the PIN help page.


Find ITT

Searching Find ITT

You can search Find ITT, using the basic search function, from the library's home page, using the second search box. Select the pre-selected subject area you want to search and enter your search words. This can be your topic, the title of an article, names of people, anything you want in fact. If you want to search for the exact title put it in inverted commas. ("Reflecting on the strategy process"). This will give you fewer more accurate results. Click on Search and Find ITT searches across the relevant databases for you. Before you can view your search results, you will have to log on to your library account. Please see the section above on logging on. Every subject area includes the library catalogue in it's results. Because Find ITT is searching multiple databases at once it can take a minute or two for the results to appear. Please be patient.

Advanced Search on Find ITT

If you are looking for something very specific, or are getting too many results using the basic search try the Advanced search. Here you can combine words, authors, subjects etc., to get more specific results. You can search using the subject areas that are pre selected for you, or you can scroll down the list of databases and select the ones you want to search for yourself.

Find ITT results

Find ITT gives you the first 20 results from each database searched, in date order, with the most recent items first on the list. This should give you an idea of what results are available for your area, and what databases you might need to search in more detail. The results page is divided into two.

  • The left hand column tells you what your search was and the databases that were searched. It also includes the total number of results from your search, and the total number of results from each database.
    • If you click on the name of the database you will be brought to the homepage for the database.
  • The large right hand column includes the actual results.
    • The first part is the name of the result (Article / Journal / Book) will be a link if there is an online version/ more information available.
    • The second part is the publication details: author/s, Journal, Issue, Volume, publisher etc.
    • The third part of the result is the Where can I find this' button. where can I find thisIf the name of the result does not give you the full text online version click on this to see if the result you are looking at is available elsewhere. You will be brought to the Go Find ITT results page for that result.
    • The fourth and final part of the result is the link that says (take this search to [name of database]) . Click on this link if you want to take the search you have done on Find ITT to the database that has supplied the result you are looking at.

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Go Find ITT

Searching / Accessing Go Find ITT

You can access Go Find ITT three different ways. You will need to log on to your library account to see results from Go Find ITT.

  • Use the Go find ITT form to search for the exact item you want to find. This is very useful if you know the full title, author, publication date, journal title etc. Enter as much detail as you can on the form and click submit to launch your search. Click on Go Find ITT form or Inter Library Loan / ILL to get this form.
    • Make sure that you select the request type article for articles and book for books, as this can effect you results.
    • If you get no results, remove the year, volume and issue from the search and submit it again.
  • Search Find ITT if you don't have the exact details, and the results will link to Go Find ITT with the 'Where can I find this' button where can I find this
  • From an online database like Web of Science, Science Direct, Academic Search Premier, General Onefile etc, anywhere you see the Where can I find this' button where can I find this, click on it to check to see if we have full text access... unless the database you are in is already giving it to you of course.

Go Find ITT Results

Go Find ITT Results page has the following information on it:

You searched for. Here you can check that there are no errors in your search criteria.

Full text and Journal results.

Full text & Online Journals

This is a list of full text links to the article you searched for. Just click on the title of the article to view the full text. If there is no full text link available there could be the name of the journal as a result instead, click on this and then navigate through the Volume, Issue and Table of Contents for the article you want.


Sometimes there is a print copy of the journal in the library. Click on the link to see what is actually available, and then visit the library to use the journal.

Library Catalogue Results

  • Results from the library show here including whether the item is on the shelf and where, or when it is due back, if it is currently on loan. If there is a copy of the item you are looking for available online or at the library, you do not need to search any further than this.
  • If there are no results from the library, you can click on the search other libraries link, but it might be worth your while checking for articles on the search engine listed under Take this search to the internet before you search other libraries.
  • When you click on search other libraries, you will get results from the libraries of the other institutes of technology. If Library ITT Dublin did not have the item you were looking for and one of the other libraries do, you can click on request to submit an Inter Library Loan Request for the item. If you want to see more results click on all at the end of the list of libraries.
  • If there are no copies of the item available at the other libraries, you will see a link that says Place an Inter Library Loan Request. Click on this link to request that the library sources the item for you from another library. Undergraduates get the first three requests in any one academic year free, but are charged a fee of €10 per request thereafter.

Inter Library Loan

Enter your search for the exact item on the Go Find ITT form. If there are no copies available click on the 'Place an Inter Library Loan' link.

Clicking of the 'Place an Inter Library Loan' link will bring you to the copyright declaration page. You need to:

  • Log on using your library account details
  • Read and understand the Copyright Declaration and the Warning concerning copyright
  • Tick the I accept box

to electronically sign the copyright declaration

The next page will check that you are sure that you want to submit the request, with a reminder that there may be a cost involved if you do. Click on Accept to submit the request, click on cancel to cancel the request.

You will know that you have been successful when you see a page that says that your request has been submitted and the turn around time on requests is ten days

To search for another item click on the Start Over/Search Again link to go back to the Go Find ITT Form, enter the detail for the nest item you are looking for.

Click on this link to request that the library sources the item for you from another library. Undergraduates get the first three request in any one academic year free, but are charged a fee of €10 per request thereafter.


The Databases Link brings you to an A-Z link for all the databases that the library provides access to. Click on connect to go to that database online. Click on the name of the database to view the license and or terms and conditions of use for the database. This includes information like whether the content on the database can be used commercially, for course packs etc, and help links.

On the left hand column you can:

  • use the pop down A-Z menu to browse by letter
  • Click on a subject to see databases relevant to the subject
  • Click on a content or resource type to look for specific type of database like standards or swot analysis.
  • At the end of the column you can search by keyword for a database that matches the area you are looking for information in.

If you click on the databases home page you can:

  • Click on a Letter or Number from the A-Z list to browse databases
  • Use the pop down menu to browse by subject
  • Search for databases by title, subject and keyword.
  • Search Google Scholar and have Library ITT D appear beside articles that you have access to via the library. To get this working you will need to go to Goolge Scholar, click on preferences, and at Library Links, search for and select all entries for Institute of Technology Tallaght.

Click on database list to get back to the A-Z list.


The library's print and electronic journals are listed for you here. There are +30,000 journals, so it is better to search in the journals A-Z then try to look through the whole list.

Searching for Journals

Clicking on Journals will bring you to the the journals search page. Here you can search by Journal title, Journal Subject, Journal Tag, and Organisations and Associations connected with a journal. Your search for your search criteria at the start, any place, all places or and exact match within these searches.

If you are not sure where to start you can browse for journals.

Browsing for Journals

Browse by Subject

Many journals are associated with subjects. When you click on browse by subject you will see a list of subjects that you can click on. Select the subject you want and click on it to see a full list of all the associated journals. If the subject you are looking for is not on the list, click on the + beside a related subject to see if it is listed underneath it. For example if you are looking for journals in the area of Marketing, you will find marketing under Business and Economics.

Browse by Tag

The librarians have tagged some journals with subjects, providing another way that you can discover journals for your subject area. Click on 'Browse by Tag' to see the list of subjects for which journals have been tagged. Contact you subject liaison to have a journal added to a subject on this list.

Tagging Journals

If you create an account for yourself you can tag journals for your own use. You might want to tag them by course, assignment or subject. These are totally private and not available to anyone else

To create an account click on Create at the top of the page, beside log in, and enter your details. This account is totally separate from your library account.

Journal results

Journal results contain lots of information about the journal. The brief result displays first, and you click on the title of the journal for the full result.

Brief result

The brief result will be enough information for most titles and includes:

  • Journal title
  • ISSN
  • Links to the full text online: this is the name of the database that the journal is available from.
  • Coverage: the date from which the journal is available. This can vary from database to database, so you might have more than one link for the Journal
  • Information about the print copy at the library, if there is one available

Full result

This includes lots more information like:

  • Journal title
  • ISSN
  • Alternative titles / Abbreviated titles / Previous titles
  • Subjects
  • Associations / Organisations
  • Related titles
  • Availability of the Journal
  • Any tags assigned by librarians, and from your person account, if you have created one.

This list is updated monthly, and records matching this list have been added to the library catalogue and are updated monthly.

Please contact the library if you have any problems with any aspect of Find ITT

What's Searched

    Go Find ITT Searches:Academic Onefile, Academic Search Premier ,ASM ,Bentham Open ,Business Source Premier,Cochrane Library ,Emerald ,General Onefile ,GreenFILE ,Highwire (Sage & IEEE only ),(Highwire free titles are searched by Godot via Cufts),Ingenta ,LISTA ,PubMed ,Science Direct ,UK/EIRE Reference Center ,Web of Science ,IEEE Journals ,Informaworld ,ME Sharpe / Metapress /Portland Press ,Sage Communication Studies via Highwire ,University of Chicago Press ,Wiley Blackwell ,World Scientific
    Find ITT Searches:
    • Top Databases: Academic Onefile, Academic Search FullTEXT Premier , Business Source Premier , Emerald , General OneFile , Science Direct , Web of Science , Library ITTD Catalogue
    • Business Resources: Business Source Premier, Academic Onefile ,Academic Search FullTEXT Premier ,Emerald ,General OneFile ,Regional Business News ,UK/EIRE Reference Centre ,Wikipedia ,IngentaConnect ,Science Direct ,Web of Science ,Library ITTD Catalogue
    • Computing Resources:Science Direct, Academic Search FullTEXT Premier ,Academic Onefile ,General OneFile ,OAIster ,Wikipedia ,Web of Science ,ACM Digital Library ,IngentaConnect ,Library ITTD Catalogue
    • Education, E-Learning, etc...:Teacher Reference Center, ERIC - Free, Academic Onefile ,Academic Search FullTEXT Premier ,Science Direct ,Web of Science ,Library ITTD Catalogue
    • Engineering Resources: Academic Onefile, Academic Search FullTEXT Premier ,Web of Science ,Science Direct ,DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals,General OneFile ,Green File ,OAIster,IngentaConnect ,Emerald ,Library ITTD Catalogue
    • Humanities Resources: Academic Onefile , Academic Search FullTEXT Premier ,Business Source Premier ,General OneFile ,Web of Science ,Science Direct ,OAIster ,DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals ,Library ITTD Catalogue ,Wikipedia
    • Science Resources:Science Direct, Web of Science ,Academic Search FullTEXT Premier ,PubMed Central ,DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals ,OAIster ,General OneFile ,IngentaConnect ,Bio-Med Central ,BioOne ,Academic Onefile ,Library ITTD Catalogue
    • Campus Companies: OAIster, Bio-Med Central , DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals, Library ITTD Catalogue ,Agricola - Free Version ,BioOne ,ERIC - Free ,IngentaConnect ,PsychINFO - Free , Amazon ,PubMed Central ,Wikipedia ,WorldCat - OCLC
    • Alumni: DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals,,OAIster ,Agricola - Free Version ,Wikipedia ,Bio-Med Central ,BioOne ,ERIC - Free ,PsycINFO - Free ,PubMed Central ,WorldCat - OCLC ,Library ITT D Catalogue
    • LIS: Emerald Academic Search FullTEXT Premier ,Science Direct ,Web of Science ,Academic Onefile ,Library ITTD Catalogue ,General OneFile ,Amazon ,WorldCat OCLC, Business Source Premier ,DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals,DSpace (Simon Fraser University) ,ERIC - Free ,IngentaConnect ,Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) ,OAIster ,PsycINFO Free,PubMed Central ,Wikipedia
    • Open Access & Free Resources: OAIster, DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals ,PubMed Central ,BioOne ,Bio-Med Central ,DSpace (Simon Fraser University) ,PsycINFO - Free ,ERIC - Free ,Library ITT D Catalogue

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